Our Deputy Governor

“As your Deputy Governor, I am committed to providing effective leadership, strategic vision and direction and to ensure efficient and prudent management of resources, inclusive service delivery, equitable development and investments attraction for improved livelihoods and a high quality of life for the people of Kitui County”.

H.E. Augustine Kanani Wambua

Deputy Governor


To develop and market tourism products, coordinate performance management, disaster risk
reduction and emergency services through formulation and implementation of programs for
sustainable livelihoods.


To make Kitui County an integral part of the national tourism circuit, promote quality service
delivery and disaster risk management services.

Composition & Roles

  • Performance Contracting, Disaster and Emergency Services Department
  • Tourism, Hospitality and Game Reserves Department

Key roles of Performance Contracting, Disaster and Emergency Services Department:

  • To institutionalize Performance Management through Performance Contracting for
    effective and efficient service delivery;
  • To entrench a culture of accountability and transparency in Kitui County Public Service Management;
  • To ensure effective and well-coordinated disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery to provide protection, both physically and in terms of human dignity;
  • To reduce disaster risks and vulnerabilities by undertaking systematic identification,
    monitoring and assessment of disaster risk and enhancing early warning systems; 
  • Mainstream Disaster Risk Management into sustainable development policies,
    strategies and plans in the county.

Key roles of Tourism, Hospitality and Game Reserves Department:

  • To spearhead the development and promotion of eco-tourism and wildlife-based tourism in the county;
  • To facilitate the development of emerging cultural tourism based on the county’s rich culture;
  • To monitor and minimize potential adverse social and environmental effects of tourism.
  • To enhance sustainable linkages with external stakeholders and investors in the development and marketing of tourism products in the county;
  • To promote conference tourism through capacity building hospitality service providers on service quality management.


According to the CIDP II (County Integrated Development Plan II) for Kitui County in Kenya, which covers the period 2017-2022, there were several key indicators to measure the progress of tourism development in the region.

Number of tourist attraction sites developed:

The baseline for this indicator was set at 3, with a target to develop an additional attraction site. The achievement to-date is the ongoing development of the majority of targeted and mapped potential sites.

Increase the number of tourists visiting various tourist attraction sites:

The baseline for this indicator was set at 1500, with a target to increase the number to 26809. The actual achievement to-date is a positive variance in visitation, which has been triggered by the influx of local tourists into the Kalundu Eco Park. However, urgent plans are needed to make the park fully operational

Number of promotional events held:

The baseline for this indicator was set at 6, with a target to hold six promotional events. The actual achievement to-date is 6, which includes the successful conduct of Miss Kitui 2017, World Wildlife Day in 2018 and 2019, the Kalundu Ecopark Launch, the Kitui County Expo in 2020, and the George Adamson Experience in 2019.

Number of Kitui tourism web portals developed

The baseline for this indicator was set at 1, with a target to develop an additional web portal. The actual achievement todate is one tourism web portal that has been developed, which can be accessed at www.kitui.tourism.go.ke.

Office of The Deputy Governor

The Deputy Governor, plays a vital role in supporting the Governor and ensuring the smooth functioning of the county government. He assists the Governor in executing their duties, represents the county in various forums, oversees policy implementation for development, and steps in during the Governor’s absence to maintain continuity in governance. Additionally, he engages with stakeholders, promotes accountability, and provides advisory support, contributing significantly to the county’s leadership and progress.

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