County Executive Committee

Below are our esteemed ministry leaders

Phoebe Ndunyu Mutemi

Ministry of Culture, Gender, Youth, ICT, Sports and Social Services

Stephen Mbaya Kimwele

Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock

Richard John Mwendandu

Ministry of Energy, Environment, Forestry, Natural and Mineral Resources

Joyce Titus

Ministry of Education, Training and Skills Development

Peter Mwikya Kilonzo

Ministry of Finance, Revenue Management and Accounting

Ruth Koki Mwanzia

Ministry of Health and Sanitation

Fredrick Kisong’e Kimanga

Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban planning

Eng.Reuben Mulwa Itiko

Ministry of Roads, Public Works & Transport

Rose Mawia Mutuku

Ministry of Trade MSMES, Industry, & Co-operatives

Peter Nkunda

Ministry of Water & Irrigation