Members of County Assembly

Hon. Kevin Kinengo Katisya
Hon. Kevin Kinengo Katisya Speaker
Hon.Christopher Nzilu Nzioka
Hon.Christopher Nzilu Nzioka Deputy Speaker
Kyangwithya West – WIPER
Hon. Harrison Maluki Mawia
Hon. Harrison Maluki Mawia Majority Leader
Migwani ward – Wiper
Hon. Alex Mutambu Nganga
Hon. Alex Mutambu Nganga Minority Leader
Miambani Ward – NARC
 Hon. Boniface Mukwate Katula
Hon. Boniface Mukwate Katula Majority Party Whip
Kanyangi ward – WIPER
Hon. Sylvester Kitheka Munyalo
Hon. Sylvester Kitheka Munyalo Minority Party Whip
Matinyani ward – NARC
Hon. Dr. Erastus Musyoka Mbuno
Hon. Dr. Erastus Musyoka Mbuno Deputy Majority Leader
Endau – Malalani ward – WIPER
 Hon. Jeremiah Musee Mutua
Hon. Jeremiah Musee Mutua Deputy Minority Leader
Nguni ward – NARC
Hon. Godfrey Muthengi Ndagara
Hon. Godfrey Muthengi Ndagara Deputy Majority Party Whip
Tharaka ward – WIPER
Hon. Boniface Maundu Katumbi
Hon. Boniface Maundu Katumbi Deputy Minority Party Whip
Kyangwithya East – NARC
Mr Elijah Mutambuk
Mr Elijah Mutambuk Clerk of Assembly
Hon. Mathew Ngovi Vuthi
Hon. Mathew Ngovi Vuthi Vice Chair CASB
Chuluni Ward – Wiper

The County Assembly of Kitui


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