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Dr. Richard Muthoka - CO Health and Sanitation(1)
Dr.Richard Muthoka
Chief Officer, Ministry of Health and Sanitation

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Health & Sanitation

The County Ministry of Health and Sanitation is headed by the County Executive Committee Member of Health and Sanitation. The accounting officer is the Chief Officer of Health. The top technical administration is headed by the Deputy Director and assisted by an Assistant Director. Heads of the various technical departments complete the County Health Management team. The ministry is organized into various key service departments which include: – Clinical, Nursing, Diagnostics, Rehabilitative, Pharmacy, Public Health, Nutrition, Ambulance services etc.

The ministry has a vibrant workforce of about 1086 health workers who man 11 hospitals, 24 health centers and 220 dispensaries spread across the 30,000KM2 of the county. The ministry’s core mandate is to provide quality curative, preventive and promotive and rehabilitative health care services to the people of Kitui County.

To achieve this, the ministry’s services are organized into three tiers; there are various services that can be accessed at different tiers of care. Tier 1 encompasses community strategy where health promotion, community hygiene, and sanitation, Ambulance linkage, and referral to health facilities and disease prevention services are provided. Tier 2 comprising of health centre and dispensaries provide health promotion, curative, preventive, Ambulance services, HIV and TB services, maternal and child health services etc. Tier 3 comprising of Sub County and County hospitals provide all the services provided by tier 2 and in addition it provides specialized services such as surgical services, Dental services, Ophthalmology services, Psychiatry care, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Orthopedics therapy, specialized pediatrics services, Specialized Medical services, Radiology services, Obstetrics and Gynecological and Ambulance services.



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