Office of the Governor

Ministry Leadership

These guiding principles will include:

    1. Efficient service delivery and an enabling socio-economic environment
    2. Motivated, qualified, and competent staff
    3. Capacity building, staff welfare including timely payment of salaries
    4. Accountable revenue generation and responsible budgeting
    5. Equitable development across the county
    6. Courtesy, respect, and fairness to the people of Kitui
    7. Respect to the rule of law and non-tolerance to corruption
    8. Prompt and non-discriminatory payment to suppliers and contractors
    9.  Affirmative action for Persons with Disabilities, minorities, youth and women and older persons.

Mission Statement

Our Mission


Our Vision


Our Core Values



Office of the Governor

Office of the Governor



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  • County Government of Kitui
    Tana Athi Water Services Board
    Building, Ground Floor
    P.O. Box 33 – 90200,
  • 0702 615 888

30. Functions and responsibilities of a county governor

(1) The governor shall take and subscribe to the oath or affirmation as set out in the Schedule to this Act before assuming office.

(2) Subject to the Constitution, the governor shall—

(a) diligently execute the functions and exercise the authority provided for in the Constitution and legislation;

(b) perform such State functions within the county as the President may from time to time assign on the basis of mutual consultations;

(c) represent the county in national and international fora and events;

(d) appoint, with the approval of the county assembly, the county executive committee in accordance with Article 179(2)(b) of the Constitution;

(e) constitute the county executive committee portfolio structure to respond to the functions and competencies assigned to and transferred to each county;

(f) submit the county plans and policies to the county assembly for approval;

(g) consider, approve and assent to bills passed by the county assembly;

(h) chair meetings of the county executive committee;

(i) by a decision notified in the county gazette, assign to every member of the county executive committee, responsibility to ensure the discharge of any function within the county and the provision of related services to the people;

(j) submit to the county assembly an annual report on the implementation status of the county policies and plans;

(k) deliver annual state of the county address containing such matters as may be specified in county legislation; and

(l) sign and cause to be published in the county Gazette, notice of all important formal decisions made by the governor or by the county executive committee.


(3) In performing the functions under subsection (2), the governor shall—

(a) provide leadership in the county’s governance and development;

(b) provide leadership to the county executive committee and administration based on the county policies and plans;

(c) promote democracy, good governance, unity and cohesion within the county;

(d) promote peace and order within the county;

(e) promote the competitiveness of the county;

(f) be accountable for the management and use of the county resources; and

(g) promote and facilitate citizen participation in the development of policies and plans, and delivery of services in the county.