The County Government of Kitui is in the process of preparing the FY 2021/2022 financial budget estimates and as required by Articles 10(a), 174(c), 184(c) and 232(d) of the Constitution and section 125(2) of the Public finance Management Act, 2012, we seek to engage with members of the general public as part of this process.

However, in view of the prevailing COVID 19 situation and cognizant of the associated protocols as communicated through Public Order No.2 0f 2021 dated 31st March, 2021, we shall not be able to physically assemble such members of the public for these very important deliberations. To ensure the public gives their views on the same, we have availed the proposed budget for FY 2021/2022 in the Kitui County Government website; for your review and input.

The proposed Development budget is a product of our engagement with members of the public during the County Fiscal Strategy Paper discussions held on 5th February, 2021.

Your views which could be in the form of memoranda, written proposals, emails or in any other written form should reach the office of the undersigned via our official email; on or before 23rd  April, 2021.

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