Kitui county acquires new ambulances

Ambulances are a key requirement towards attaining the Universal Healthcare for all in the county.

Cognizant of the services they offer at different health facilities in Kitui, the county administration has focused on ensuring the ambulance services are prompt, affordable and accessible to support referral services and other urgencies.

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To achieve this, the county has increased the number of ambulances to serve more residents across the county and ensure all residents access services without the risk of incurring catastrophic expenditure.

Governor Charity Ngilu’s government is dedicated to strengthen service delivery to reach the far-flung areas in a bid to improve the health sector that is chief in the county development plan.

The county has acquired 10 new ultra-modern ambulances that is set to boost the movement of patients from rural areas to nearest health facilities.

The intervention has since the number of mothers delivering in the hospitals increase tremendously.

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