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A healthy nation is a wealthy nation, goes old adage.

Governor Charity Ngilu identified Healthcare as one of the five pillars recognizing the importance of human well-being to the development agenda.

The last two years of devolution in Kitui have seen major improvement in healthcare service delivery in the county.

The county boasts of a modern Kitui Referral hospital with among others a state of the art amenity ward, laboratory, renal unit, well-stocked pharmacy, radiology department and the 64-slide CT scan, all established in the last two years.

The initiative by the county government to arm the healthcare sector continues to make the county’s referral facility a centre of quality services that have lately seen a number of patients undergo rare surgeries in the history of the devolved sector among them the brain operation and several maxillofacial cases carried out with the input of the Cuban doctors.

The county referral facility is offering dialysis to at least 30 patients twice weekly and is a relief to hundreds of patients who were previously seeking the special services in far-flung hospitals in Nairobi.

The five dialyzer machines in the renal unit have been a reprieve for patients not only in the county but also continue to change the story of the lager Eastern region entirely.

The hospital’s radiology department has 8 sub-departments among them the X-ray, the Ultrasound, the mammography, C-arm, Echo machine, Orthopantomographie {OPG} and the CT scan that is a big boost to the county’s imaging milestones.

At least 200 patients benefit from the radiology services each day and can now evaluate what devolution means for them.

The move to equip the facility has made treatment services in the county better and fully reformed the history of the over 1000 patients who currently visit the Kitui referral hospital daily.

The accessibility of the high-end services plus the launch of the County Health Insurance Cover (KCHIC) one year ago have also resulted in a higher number of patients visiting the facility every day. The daily turn out has increased from 400 patients to over 1000 patients registering a 116% increase in patient turn up at the top facility.

The acquisition of modern diagnostic machines for the level 4 hospitals, and stocking all the health facilities with drugs and non-pharmaceuticals has wholly impacted on the improvement of services in the county.

The county has also modernized the drugs and stores management system by use of ICT and training of staff to surge efficiency.

The county’s acquisition of a CT scan is a strategic step that serves 30 patients benefit daily.

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